Jared Freiburg

Jared is a 21 year old actor and musician.

Jared is fully booked till the end of 2018 playing the lead role of Jerry Lee Lewis in the Million Dollar Quartet Show.


   Jared's main website: http://www.jfreiburg.com



I will write to this blog now and again to keep you all up to date.
It has been quite a change going from the Conservatory at the University of California to playing the lead in this ship-board version of The Million Dollar Quartet.  I am really enjoying performing as Jerry Lee Lewis and I was delighted to hear that he liked the way my hair was now blond on top, like his used to be in 1956.

I really miss all my friends at University and I miss everyone at Des Moines.  
I loved being out in India too in 2015 and hope some of them can come and see me on the ship.

Most of all I miss my family: my Mother and my dear Grandma in West Des Moines. Unfortunately my Grandfather, who encouraged me so much in my music, is no longer with us - he would have loved to hear the latest news.
Keep checking here for updated news.

You all keep rockin'    Jared